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Resourcing Yoga
Resourcing Yoga supports you in revitalising the particular areas in your body that lack a good flow or have too little energy in the muscles. It helps you to relax your body when you have a tendency to block your energy or build up stress. Practising Resourcing Yoga increases the contact with yourself.

•    Would you like to be more energetic?
•    Wouldn't it be nice to be more relaxed?
•    Do you sense the need for more stability?

Sensing, grounding, centering and bounding
During the lessons we focus on specific themes like sensing, grounding, centering and bounding.

Resourcing Yoga is based on the Bodynamic system. The yoga exercises are an effective way of learning how to be in contact with your body and sense the energy, tension and relaxation inside of you.
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Workshop grounding and centering on 18 January 2015
Sunday 18 January 2015, there is a workshop on grounding and centering in Amsterdam.
Time: 10-13 hrs
Location: the major room of WG cursusruimte, Ketelhuisplein 47.
Price: € 40,-
You can register by sending an email to:

About the teachers
Elles Groenewegen, Els Willekens and Marjolein de Vink completed the Bodynamic Foundation Training in 2012. Currently they all participate in the Practitioner Training in Amsterdam.

Elles completed the Critical Alignment yoga training with Gert van Leeuwen in 2007 and teaches in Amsterdam.
Els is a Hatha yoga teacher in Amsterdam; in June 2006 she completed the Yoga Academie (YAN) and in 2011 the Tibetan Yoga and Meditation training (with Robert Hartzema and Marjan Möller).
Marjolein completed the Tibetan Yoga and Meditation training (with Robert Hartzema and Marjan Möller) in 2011.

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